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Watch the Blinking Eye for Body Language Secrets


Blinking is something else to observe when reading body language. The majority of people blink on average 8 to 15 times per minute. When a person blinks rapidly or if they flutter their eyelids, it could mean that the person is anxious, sad, embarrassed, or trying to hide something. The person also may be worried, upset, or ashamed. It is important to watch the blinking eye for body language secrets.

A great way to show this is to watch political interviews or when only two people are engaging in conversation. If you pay attention, you may notice the individual with a superior attitude blinks less. This is because they are confident in their argument.

Finally, the eyes are vital to determine whether a smile is real. Imagine how a party host may smile when they welcome a guest that they don’t like and were compelled to invite, vs. someone you really know he likes.

Smiles can also reveal true feelings. When people are using fake or social smiles, the mouth moves sideways. True smiles tend to involve the cheeks and eyes and the mouth curves up.

Next, surveys show the most charismatic, popular and successful people are great listeners. These people listen with all of our senses and understand that the true message is frequently not transmitted through the words. That’s why awareness of body language is so crucial.

Next post, we’ll look at why imitation is the best way to flatter someone or change their mind.

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