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How to Become a Millionaire

While creating great riches—how to become a millionaire—there is an undeniable truth: prosperous people are those who dedicate a tremendous amount of time, every day, to serving others and enlisting the help of others to get it done.

Is Friendship in our DNA?

More recently, friendship is being studied at a cellular level and some science indicates we are hardwired for friendship. Turns out, friendships may have been part of man’s evolution.

Building Better Friendships Challenge

In the next 30-days, I will post something new about building friendships, and if you subscribe to the Building Better Friendships email list, you will receive a daily message sharing a new thought, tip, step, or task that can help you maximize your friendships and get out of friendships that are toxic and draining.

Retire or Restructure?

Retire or Restructure?

Many professionals suggest rather than retirement, individuals find ways to restructure. This means they find ways to enjoy hobbies, new jobs, or activities they have always wanted to try. In fact, many of them are busier than when they were working. Restructuring allows you to take retirement and not become inactive.

7 Ways to Eliminate Brain Fog

Everyone has a little brain fog on occasion. But, if you’re regularly suffering from a serious case of brain fog, there are steps you can take. By the way, there is nothing wrong. You just need a few tips, which I go over in this video.

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