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Retire or Restructure?

Retire or Restructure?


I’m reaching 60 years old and I can retire. However, I don’t want to stop working. I feel great and my mind is sharp. I probably could go on another five years or more. I just don’t want to retire. Still, a bunch of my friends recently called it quits and they are staying busy working on different projects. In fact, one of my buddies told me it was going to cost him to keep working at the company because he was making less than what his retirement would provide. I am torn between leaving my job and staying put. What do you suggest?


Retirement doesn’t mean you have to just sit around the house and do nothing. Plenty of folks find time to do things after retirement that keeps them busy, fulfilled, and feeling like they are making a difference.

It is all in how you look at retirement. Many professionals suggest rather than retirement, individuals find ways to restructure. This means they find ways to enjoy hobbies, new jobs, or activities they have always wanted to try. In fact, many of them are busier than when they were working. Restructuring allows you to take retirement and not become inactive. I explain in this video.

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