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How to Read Body Language to Learn True Feelings


Body language can give away a person’s real impression of a message. That is why it is so important to learn how to read body language to learn true feelings. For instance, when comforted, women are more likely to perform the hand-to-neck gesture, which is known as a “human code of understanding.” Males, on average, hold their chins higher than females. As a result, we are strongly influenced by things men say.

How you hold your lower body will also indicate your true feelings. When a woman is taking to a couple of men, you can see who she finds more attractive by noting the direction her lower body is facing. The lower body can also indicate intent. In a conversation, a lower body moving away could mean that person needs or wants to leave because they are not interested in your message. It could also mean they just need to rush to a restroom.

When it comes to detecting lies, don’t underestimate the lower body. Children learn from a young age how to lie using facial expressions. But, the lower body usually tells you the truth.

In closing, the proximity of two people is critical because it indicates reception to your idea and if they trust you. Every person has their own bubble. If you go into someone’s bubble too quickly, you will be rejected.

Now, I’d like to offer three warnings about the science of interpreting body language:

  1. Habits can be a factor. First of all, it is important to establish a basis before really trying to interpret the body language of someone. And you’re not going to know their baseline if you didn’t meet a person before, and vice versa.
  2. Culture can make a difference. If you’re hitch hiking in America, the thumbs up means you’re looking for a ride. It also can mean number one in Germany, the number 5 in Japan, and up yours in Australia.
  3. It is important to understand that body language science is not an accurate science.

Human beings are very complex and nothing can ever be easy and some people will find they can only be better at reading or controlling their own body language than reading others. However, can you use the science of body language to become a human lie detector, develop a fabulous poker face, interview in a dynamic way, or even improve your love life, with enough practice.

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