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The Head Nod Is A Body Language Clue


Be aware of how often a person nods in a conversation because the head nod Is a revealing body language clue. Nodding assists with establishing rapport and to show encouragement, agreement, and comprehension. If you agree, you should nod. To the speaker, lack of head-nodding could be taken as if you aren’t listening or that you aren’t interested. The research shows that nodding allows you to take in four times more information about a person than when there is no nodding involved.

You must understand how much nodding helps to create relationships and trust. You can nod to offer encouragement, to show you are listening, to show understanding, and to show your consent to an idea. Failure to nod can lead the speaker to think that you do not care, have failed to pay attention, or that you are not invested in what they are saying.

To build rapport, mimic the other person’s body language, but don’t completely copy their posture. Mimicking and slowly changing your posture can help the other person relax by guiding them to a more open posture. If you do not like something, especially if you disagree with it, try to keep your body relaxed and open. Try to avoid a closed position, particularly if you disagree with anything, because your posture can be contagious and lead to the other person disagreeing with your argument. This is congruence; make sure your body language matches up with your words.

You should also remember that good posture is essential for projecting a positive image and giving good speeches. An excellent way to maintain good posture is to breathe in and scan your entire body from head to toe. Then while breathing out, do the same. If you repeat this exercise a few times, you’ll be able to do it in conversation, and develop attention to your body language.

Since a deeper breath comes from the abdomen, being more relaxed and confident gives you a deeper, more confident sound. This will improve your messaging and make you appear more of an authority on your subject.

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