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Enhance Your Image

Enhance Your Image

A positive self image comes from knowing yourself and then letting others see the real you.


I tend to have a poor self image and this affects me when I want something like a raise. How can I improve my self image and start too show my strengths?


What we project to others often fails to show our true image. We may feel self-conscious about our past, unsure about our future, and unwilling to share. Often this is because we are not confident or even fully know our beliefs.

Enhance Your Image Worksheet

This Enhance Your Image Worksheet will help you discover your true self.

Fill out the form below and then download the completed worksheet [Right-Click-Save]to follow and review. Your answers will help you project a positive image to others.

    This worksheet will help you discover your true worth and improve your self esteem. What do you tell others about yourself? Have you ever thought about how these comments transmit intimate knowledge to others? They can also draw an inaccurate picture of you. Answer these questions to enhance your self-image as well as how others see you.

    When you're done, hit submit and the completed form will be ready to download [right-click-save] so you can better understand how self esteem affects you.

    What kind of person are you? Describe yourself.

    What are your positive qualities? What are the very best things about you?

    What motivates your choices? Why do you think it’s important to you?

    Which kind of remarks about yourself do you usually make: positive or negative?

    What negative comments do you say to others about yourself? For each comment, write down why you say these things.

    Do you want to change something about yourself? If so, what positive actions could you take to make this change?

    After answering these questions, you will gain insights to help you accept the way you are and refrain from negative statements. In addition, you can endeavor to change whatever it is that brings about your comments. Your answers will reveal your new, more positive outlook!

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