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Building Better Friendships Challenge

A recent study showed we all are having difficulty making deep friendships. And men, in particular, are having the most trouble. In an attempt to counter this trend, this is the first post in the 30 Days to Become a Better Friend challenge. For the next 30 days, I will post information designed to help you:

  • Understand why friendships are important
  • Learn how to recognize healthy and unhealthy friendships 
  • Improve the quality of underperforming friendships
  • Release friends that are toxic

And more! 

In the next thirty days, I will post something new, and if you subscribe to the Building Better Friendships email list, you will receive a daily message sharing a new thought, tip, step, or task that can help you maximize your friendships and get out of friendships that are toxic and draining. 

Friendships are an important part of daily life. We have friends for all sorts of reasons. Some friendships fall into these categories-

Utilitarian Friends- These are friends we rely on to help us get things done or to engage in specific activities. Many of these friends are found at work, the gym, or associated with hobbies or sporting events. They may also be the parents of school-age children that you socialize with at various activities. While they may not be your best friends, they have a role in your everyday life.

Fun Friends- These are the friends you call when you want to forget your worries and cut loose. Fun friends are the ones who make you laugh and help you enjoy recreational activities. These friends are down for a good time when nothing serious is happening. 

Wise Friends- These are the friends you turn to when times are tough. They could include mentors or other trusted friends who have either been though difficulties themselves or know you at a much deeper level than other friends. These are the friends you seek out when you need wise counsel. 

Best Friends- While a best friend could certainly be part of any of these categories, they generally have a stronger bond, commitment, and place in your life than casual friends. These may be people you see regularly or someone you simply have a very deep connection to. Best friends surpass all other types of friendships and are some of the primary people in our lives. 

Friendships are vital and as you’ll see in a future post, they may actually be part of our DNA. While having friends is normal, not every friendship is typical. Sometimes friendships can be dysfunctional and toxic. The thing is, not everyone realizes they are in a bad friendship because the dynamic feels normal. This series will help you identify red flags in friends and…in yourself, that could be a warning. 

Thanks for coming along into the challenge, I know it will be rewarding and educational and in thirty days you’ll be experiencing healthier and happier friendships.    



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