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Looking …

  • . to be less exhausted and more energized?
  • . for focus and to feel more complete?
  • . to feel more self-worth and authenticity?

Improve your purpose, define your growth, align your career with your life goals, and make progress with the help of Mindset Coach Michael S. Sommermeyer.

Mindset Coach Michael S. Sommermeyer leads a group discussion.
Mindset Coach Michael S. Sommermeyer leads a group discussion.

Mindset Coaching Can:

  • . Help you achieve life transformation with a success mindset.
  • . Provide answers and guidance to learn your life’s purpose.
  • . Align your career goals with your life goals.
  • . Find your self-worth, and allow you to reach personal milestones.

Take some time for yourself and work with Michael to improve your purpose. Learn how to make your wishes reality in your business. Achieve success and overcome obstacles with an Introductory Discovery Call. Invest in your self-worth, amplify your growth, and become better.

If you’re ready and motivated to make changes, you owe it to yourself to find out what a Mindset Coach can do to hold you accountable and make the progress you crave.


I’m Michael S. Sommermeyer, a mindset coach and small business consultant helping service entrepreneurs improve how they deliver extraordinary experiences, improve processes, and grow a stellar and honest reputation.

I offer understanding and a listening ear for reflection, invigoration, and creation. My purpose is to enable my clients to discover how to ensure their business goals match their personal values, radiate a positive attitude, amplify authenticity, and express honesty.

My friends think I’m a bit of a know-it-all and I have given me the nickname “Mr. Info”. I’ve embraced this moniker by creating videos and content where I answer questions, offer advice, and offer a way to think through a problem. You will find answers to questions folks have asked me in various videos and other content offered on this website.

I use my intuitive abilities, along with my curiosity, to dive deep into pressing problems to help my clients find answers. Take a look around and see if there is something I offer to help you find what you are looking for.

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