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May 2021

Joy affirmations

Using Affirmations to Discover the Joys in Your Life

Affirmations are simple statements we can use to improve our self-esteem, help us reach a goal, break a bad habit, find love, or even discover joy in our lives. Positive affirmations work hand in hand with our subconscious to make lasting changes for the better. Many times we may already experience joy, but we don’t know celebrate it enough. Sadly,… Read More »Using Affirmations to Discover the Joys in Your Life

family vacations

Taking the Kids on a Memorable Family Vacation

If you have young children, you can still take them on a fabulous family vacation without fear of wearing them out, boring them, or overdoing it so badly you need another vacation without them. In this video, I look at how to include kids in planning for a family vacation without making it something to dread.

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