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10 Differences Between Successful and Unsuccessful People

10 Differences Between Successful and Unsuccessful People

Have you ever wondered what it is about your most successful friend that makes him or her so successful? How about your least successful pal? What’s going on with them? What makes some people thrive while others struggle?

The differences are quite clear if one takes the time to examine them.

Understanding the distinctions allows you to examine your own situation and gain insight into why you may not be as successful as you would like to be.

Notice how successful people and unsuccessful people do things differently:

  1. Their goals define their lives. Fears define the lives of unsuccessful people. Most people live their lives in a way that allows them to avoid their fears. Successful people make decisions based on achieving their objectives rather than avoiding their fears.
  2. They devote their time to long-term goals. People who are unsuccessful are motivated by day-to-day concerns. The average person is only concerned with surviving the coming week. Successful people take actions every day that will pay off months, years, or decades later.
  3. They strive for success. Unsuccessful people seek comfort and make decisions based on that. A successful person pursues success regardless of whether the path is comfortable or not.
  4. They accept accountability. Unsuccessful people have an endless supply of justifications for their mediocrity. People who are successful accept responsibility for everything that goes wrong in their lives. You have the power to change your situation when you accept responsibility. Accusing others of wrongdoing is a form of powerlessness.
  5. They are constantly striving to improve their results. A successful person strives to be better than they were the day before. Average people produce average results and are content with their level of performance.
  6. They also read books. Unsuccessful people are drawn to TV and other forms of non-value-added entertainment. One of the most effective ways to increase your knowledge is to read the right books. Which would you prefer: to acquire new knowledge or to waste your time?
  7. They are at ease with failure. Successful people may dislike failure, but they are able to deal with it. Failure is something that most people try to avoid at all costs. This is related to the previous point about fear. One of the things that makes unsuccessful people unsuccessful is their inability to deal with their fear of failure.
  8. They have a game plan for the day. It is impossible to get the most out of each day unless you plan ahead of time. Ordinary people wake up and let the day decide what they will do. You are avoiding success if you do not plan your day.
  9. They surround themselves with like-minded individuals. Successful people spend time with others who help them grow. This could be a mentor, someone with whom they could potentially do business, or simply someone they believe has the necessary connections.
  10. They have effective, positive habits. Healthy teeth are the result of good brushing and flossing habits. Good eating and exercise habits lead to health and fitness. High levels of success are the result of good success habits. What are your habits leading you to?

As can be seen, there are clear distinctions between successful and unsuccessful people. How many of these items do you recognize? What changes do you want to make?

It is entirely up to you which one you choose to be. Do you value progress or comfort? Do you have a time management strategy that maximizes your effectiveness, or do you prefer to fly by the seat of your pants?

It is up to you to choose between success and mediocrity.

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